Electronic Arts zet aanval in op online gaming

Geplaatst: 21 juli 2008 11:55
Aangepast: 1 januari 2018 00:00

Peter Moore van Electronic Arts heeft zojuist aangegeven dat het over vijf jaar best mogelijk kan zijn dat we vergezelt zijn met robothonden, allemaal online aan het gamen zijn.

You're talking to a company here that truly believes that every consumer will ultimately go online, whether it's five years from now. You're talking to a company that ultimately believes that physical media goes away, that how we get our media - whether it's games, we're already doing it through music, or if it's TV shows - it's going to go through Internet Protocols more than it is through cable or satellite. Whatever you want to think about the future, there's no doubt that the Internet and connected experiences will be a bigger part of our lives than they ever have been. I'm always fond of saying that we'll tell our grandchildren that we drove to the store to buy a physical disc. In tomorrow's world we'll have half a terabyte of storage at home, everything will be in there, and we as an industry need to make sure we don't become another music industry.

Games die niet online speelbaar zijn, zullen dan tot de categorie "primatief" behoren. Aldus Moore.

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