Left 4 Dead verbeterd dankzij patch

Geplaatst: 11 december 2009 14:04
Aangepast: 1 januari 2018 00:00

Er komen regelmatig patches uit voor Left 4 Dead 2. Sommige patches verhelpen wat kleine bugs, maar de patch die onlangs is uitgekomen heeft een flinke waslijst aan verbeteringen.

Welke problemen er precies verholpen zijn, kun je hier beneden checken. Heb jij wel eens last van deze problemen gehad?

- Changed rules for ghost placement in Scavenge Mode
- Player controlled Special Infected are no longer forced to un-crouch and lock strafe when they crouch attack
- Spitter spit that damages players on a moving elevator will now fizzle quickly
- Allow the survivor and infected to rotate the camera yaw while being attacked by a Charger or Smoker
- Smoker that has dragged a survivor to the end now gets the same cinematic flashlight as the Hunter and Charger
- Fixed a crash in physics
- Updated the Charger's hit boxes
- Updated the Jockey's hit boxes
- Updated the Spitter's hit boxes
- Fixed player health on being revived after a Charger slam over a high ledge
- Fixed versus scores not resetting after a vote to change campaigns
- Fixed being able to use defibrillator on dead players who were far above or below you
- Fixed pink glow on dead survivors
- Fixed being able to hold crouch while incapped to get better weapon accuracy
- Fixed players pushing against some props causing them to accumulate downward velocity and then take falling damage when they let go of the forward key
- Fixed a case where an incapped survivor inside a rescue vehicle would trigger both the escape sequence and a round restart
- Fixed the helping hand from getting stuck when extended

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